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PSLE Investment Series

Ever found yourself struggling to write or continue a story? This course is perfect for you to help overcome your writer's block! Having piloted this course for two years, our students have attained at least an A or A* in their PSLE after attending this course. We can help your child craft the right essay for their exams.

Using groundbreaking techniques taught by our best teachers, we discard the mundane techniques to teaching writing and engage your child through mind-mapping, thought-provoking video content and current affairs. The weekly creative essay writing sessions will help to boost your child's skills in writing as well as his or her confidence. Avoid cliched essay plots and start creating original and impressive essays for their readers to enjoy.

As the name implies, invest in your child's writing today... albeit at an incredible entry price.

Course Overview

  • Elements of a Good Introduction and Foreshadow Techniques

  • Case Studies : An Observation and Analysis of the Good and the Bad

  • The Importance of a Good Story Ending and Different Ways to End a Story Creatively

  • The Unusual Story Starters and The Non-linear Writing Approach

  • Planning a Story : Different Techniques for Different Plots

  • Mid Term Assessment and Review

  • Integrating Literature : Voice and Characterisation

  • The Climax and Building a Crescendo

  • The Fundamentals of a Good Resolution

  • How to Liven Up a Story

  • Vocabulary : Avoid Overwriting & Why Basics are still Important

  • The Final Assessment and Review

A Good Way to build a Creative Writing Portfolio for DSA Application
Marking Yardstick : Based on PSLE Rubrics

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