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Literature Lower Secondary Preparatory Programme

Literature Lower Secondary Preparatory Programme

Modular Approach to Literature

These workshops equip lower secondary students with the language devices, techniques and exam skills that you need to do well for the subject.

Lessons focus on key literature skills based on books, plays, proses and poems taught in schools. Consideration will be made on the content each student in this small group will be learning in school. The programme designers will customise the materials and lesson plans in a fluid manner to cater to their learning.

The objective is to impart critical analytical skills and essay writing techniques. Emphasis is placed on applying literary devices and analysis to essay questions revolving around the themes and characters in the literature texts. Extensions will continually be made to include applications of literature concepts to the real world.

Themes covered:
-Racial Discrimination
-Gender Discrimination
-Filial Piety
-Environmental Awareness
-Governing Style
-Societal Trends

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