Carean Oh

Carean Oh is the Principal Consultant of Writers Studio, with 20 years of experience as an educator. Her passion for teaching has allowed her to guide many students in improving their command of the English language, and work closely with them to ensure that their challenges towards the language are tackled during their time with her. She also maintains close relations with her students’ parents, to reassure them that their trust is not misplaced when leaving their child’s education to her.


Prior to starting Writers Studio, Carean served as an educator in Singapore’s schools, where she rose to the position of Head of Department. In her position, she ran school-wide campaigns, charities and competitions for these schools, giving students opportunities to engage in continued learning and growth beyond a classroom setting.

Throughout her stint as an educator, she has been recognised for her contributions to educating the leaders of tomorrow with awards including the Caring Teacher Award for three consecutive years, and Outstanding Teacher Award. She was also a Nominee for the President’s Award for Teachers.


Carean is also a qualified Speech and Drama specialist and has led several performances and literary projects. In addition, she was a Learning Design Consultant which played an active role in developing the Science and English language learnware for primary and secondary schools.


Carean graduated from a renowned university in the United Kingdom with a Masters of in Creative Writing. Outside of her time at Writers Studio, she writes professional for travel publications, hotels and resorts. She also volunteers to teach writing at TTKGS events with her teachers, volunteers actively at MINDS and has partnered with National Book Council, OBW Singapore, BABES and many other charity organisations. She is setting up a social initiative for the blind and terminally ill.

Our Dedicated Teachers

Carean teaches with a a group of dedicated teachers who share her philosophy in Education. These teachers are specially selected and trained with her to ensure homogeneity in delivering lessons that are effective and sincere. Each teacher applies a unique set of teaching style, and this spectrum of educators allows our students to select a teacher who can best bring out their potential to master the language.

Mrs Mary Ong
Seize the day, enjoy the moment!

A former MOE English teacher, Mrs Mary Ong has been in love with the English language since she was young. Her passion for the language had inspired one of her daughters to pursue writing as a career. She finds great joy in building confidence in her students and more than anything else, she hopes that they will enjoy English as much as she does. During her free time, she loves to read and still prefers to hand write her own journals in a book.

Mr Edmund Lee
Leave no one behind.

After studying Literature at the Nanyang Technological University, Mr Edmund Lee went on to teach English for the next 10 years. He loves helping his students succeed and believes that no hurdle is too high to overcome, no matter your background or standing in life. When he is not teaching, he loves to play football, tinker with IT hardware, and write journals and prose about movies and songs.

Mr Joseph Tan
Work hard, play hard!

With a Masters in Education from Monash University, Mr Joseph Tan has been teaching English for over 12 years. Having previously worked in the bank and in film production, he credits his love for English for his ability to navigate the business world with great communication skills. He encourages his students to express themselves freely and creatively and hopes that they will find joy in what they do and accomplish their dreams in life. In his free time, he loves to read and explore cross-genre books that surprise him.

Francis Koh
My greatest wish for my students is for them to find their own happiness. To be grounded in truth, and to be instruments of peace.

Francis Koh has been teaching under MOE for 15 years, five of which he has spent at Writers Studio. He strongly believes that reading is the gateway to acquiring more knowledge. In his free time, Francis enjoys reading the works of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. He enjoys finding new ways to make his classes more fun, such as employing the Hangman game to further engage younger students during online classes. By including The Little Men & Little Miss series in his lessons, Francis Koh has helped guide his students in gaining deeper insights and broadening the way they analyse storylines and situations.

Karen Yeong
My wish for my students is for them to do their very best, to be able to handle situations on their own, and to be optimistic.

After graduating from the University of London with a Degree in Economics and Banking & Finance, Karen Yeong started tutoring purely out of interest. Since then, she has been teaching for 10 years, six of which have been at Writers Studio. She devotes her free time to exercising, and is an avid marathoner.


Karen often reads articles from Reader’s Digest, National Geographic and local newspapers with her students, and cites The Chicken Soup for the Soul series as one of her favorite literary tools to encourage students to read more. Discussion sessions are regularly held during Karen’s classes to help her students improve their public speaking skills.

Serena Lee
Passion will get you far, and one should have resilience to conquer anything in life.

Serena is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at SIM and has been a teacher for two years. Her passion for the English language stems from her love of reading. During the circuit breaker period, Serena went the extra mile to prepare materials herself, in an effort to boost engagement between her students. She makes every lesson enjoyable through the use of games and activities to engage her students in a meaningful way. Serena also loves using the sharing circle to involve students in the lesson, allowing them to learn effectively.

Kuldip Kaur
Never give up no matter what happens. If you fail, just work harder and be consistent

Kuldip Kaur is a graduate of NIE, holding a diploma in Special Education. She also graduated from the Singapore Association of the Deaf, and taught at the School for the Deaf for five years. Her experience teaching students of different country origins and backgrounds has allowed her to understand how to teach students effectively.


Kuldip’s greatest aspiration is to empower her students, leading them to their self-set goals. Her advice for aspiring writers is to start right away. Any form of writing such as journaling, poetry, short stories and reflections can sow the seeds for writing as a lifetime career.


Diana has extensive experience in teaching Literature and English, both in the Ministry of Education (MOE) and at Writers Studio. Our students often look up to her as a mentor, seeking her expertise to further improve their essays. She also goes the extra mile to pique the interest of her students through the use of interactive slides.


Diana shines as a teacher for the gifted and ambitious. She has also guided our GEP students in 2020.