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Course Terms & Policies

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1. Absenteeism and Replacement Lessons:

A make-up session is available for the student in replacement of the session that has been missed. The date of the make up is subjected to the teacher’s schedule.Any make-up session shall be made within the term where the missed session falls in. In the event when the make-up session is missed no refund will be given.Only up to 3 make up lessons is allowed. For replacement lessons to be arranged, a valid and original copy of any of the following is required:

  • medical certificate,
  • travel documents,
  • school correspondence

These shall be dated on the day of absenteeism. Lessons will be forfeited without refund if reasons for absenteeism are not supported by valid documentation. 

For replacement lesson arrangement to be approved:In the event of an/a:

  • Illness: Inform the teacher 6 hours before the start of the lesson.
  • Travel: Inform the teacher 2 weeks before the start of the lesson.
  • School events: Inform the teacher 1 week before the start of the lesson.
2. Punctuality

If students are later (within 30minutes), the teacher can allow students to stay back to catch up. No replacement lesson is allowed to be claimed.

3. Remediation Lessons:

The teacher may allow students to stay back for remediation sessions in the form of class extensions. Additional lesson may be arranged for remediation purpose to assist weak students to improve. No charges are made if it is initiated by the teachers.Chargeable Lessons may be charged if clients request for extra homework or lessons (a minimum of 2 hours of group lesson will be charged).

4. Payment and Receipts:

An itemized invoice with attached lesson schedule will be presented to the customer.Payment shall be made in full.No proration of lesson fee is allowed.

Payment Mode:

  • Cash
  • Nets
  • Fund Transfer

The Client shall pay the tuition fee in full at the time of signing the Enrolment Agreement. In addition, Fee payment for a new academic term shall be made on the last session of the prevailing term in cash or by cheque to Writers Studio Pte. Ltd. For cheque payment, address a crossed cheque to WRITERS STUDIO PTE. LTD. and indicate the student’s full name and parent’s contact number on the back of the cheque. 

For Payment made by Fund Transfer, email to ask@writerstudio.com.sg the Transaction Reference Number, Date of Transfer, Account Remitted to, Student Name and Amount.

5. Renewal of Term:

Registration will be open 4 weeks prior to the start of the next term. After closure, customers shall have to look out for the next registration date. The Studio reserves the right to refuse or reject any applicants should the class quota be reached.

6. Extra Charges:

Full payment must be made on the last date of the registration period, before the commencement of the first lesson. No deposit or partial payment is accepted.

7. Writers Studio reserves the right to suspend the student from the lesson until such time as the tuition fee is paid.
8. Purchase of additional assessment books and guidebooks are chargeable.
9. Transportation of students from certain locations to the studio is chargeable.
10. Withdrawals and Refund:

Notice of termination has to be made one month prior to end of the prevailing month or term in writing. In the event of a premature course termination, there shall be no refund of course fees subjected to the following. 

The student shall attend all make up lessons prior to the end of the academic term, subjected to Clause 1 above.

11. Elite Class Member for Library:

Library subscription is complimentary for members. Non-members are NOT allowed to borrow the books. 

Books have to be subjected to a checkout process (includes deactivation & loan entry in system). A maximum of 14 days of loan period is allowed per book. A fine of $0.50 per day is chargeable for each book borrowed and not returned after the due date. 

Renewal of library books is allowed for up to 1 week after the first due date. 

A compensation equivalent to the cost of the book shall be charged to the parent of the registered student in the event of non-return, loss or irreparable damage of library books.

12. Membership Cards:

The first issuance of membership card is complimentary. Replacement fee of membership cards is $5 per card.

13. Points and Incentives:

Points are awarded by the consultant and are redeemable for Studio dollars at 1 point per 1 studio dollar.Studio dollars are non-redeemable after the student ceases studio membership.Only studio members can redeem the incentives and are not transferable.  

**All members are legally bound by the above polices.


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