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At Writers Studio, we believe that helping students in Singapore to learn English effectively is just the first step. Our committed tutors aim to empower students to embrace independent learning from a young age, be it through expressing themselves effectively through creative writing and speech, or building up students’ confidence to boldly tackle new challenges in their studies and beyond.

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At our English language school in Singapore, we go beyond helping students to score well, but focus on empowering them to speak and write boldly and eloquently. To that end, Writers Studio celebrates our students’ growth by showcasing creative excerpts that they have written every week. Get in touch with us today to find out how we help students in Singapore learn English effectively.

Speak with Eloquence

Great orators use the same methods that great stage actors do.
The performance is in the “drama”, the use of pitch, cadence, inflection and pauses. Body language and eye contact are important too.

Creative excerpts of the week

From the Heart

At our English tuition centre in Singapore, our passionate tutors believe in making a difference in our students’ lives. This can be seen by the numerous testimonials from our students on how our teachers go the distance, constantly encouraging them and making lessons fun and engaging. Enroll your child with us and start their journey towards excellence in English today!

English Language School Testimonials

Kayla De Souza

Raffles Primary School

Hi Mrs Goh, Thanks for letting Keira attend your class last Friday. She really enjoyed it.

English Language School Testimonials

Liu Zhe Ming

Nan Hua Primary School

Mr Koh is a very interesting teacher. He teaches creatively and surprises me the perspectives he raises in class.
He also inspires us with stories from exemplary historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi.
I learnt that, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
This has inspired me to work harder to improve my English.

English Language Centre Testimonials

Anna Chen

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Dear Ms Loi, thank you for being an awesome teacher.
You have been very kind and patient to me. You are very humorous and your lessons are very fun.
You will always light up my Saturdays. Thank you for being an awesome teacher!

English Language School Testimonials

Brandon Leong

Chua Chu Kang Primary School

I am glad that Brandon is keen to improve on his language despite being tepid towards the subject.
He used to go to another centre but the teacher could not motivate him. Thank you for the help you have given him thus far! Really appreciate it!
I can see that he is improving although it has only been a term. What’s important is that he is enjoying his lessons as he finds that the techniques you teach have been very useful.

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